Economics in one.. Graphic

Who has the only gun, has the only bag.

This graphic was inspired by randomdiversion. It also explains why socialism is an ephemeral state. When those without capital do get the gun, which is rare, the result is always the gun holder is the new bag holder. Socialism in history is merely an intermediate stage between another progressive/fascist state under new ownership.


NPR Lies

Perhaps not a lie qua lie, but to hear NPR lavish praise on Dubya is sickening and indicative of their agenda.

Subtext: Now that a Democrat is in office we look back at Bush and realize what a favor he did for us in setting the stage for our new fully fascist state.

I didn't listen to Democracy Now today but I hope they had enough integrity as socialists not to go on a Bush love-fest.


NPR Lies

NPR is trying to scare people into selling off gold. Beware! Remember when they pumped facebook? Hope you didn't fall for that.

You can make a lot of money just doing the opposite of what NPR says.

This is a manipulated gold selloff so the bad guys can buy up gold on the cheap, it's going to go back up and a lot. Don't fall for it.

I could spend all day debunking NPR lies, like Robert Reich : 'The Social Security trust fund is solvent' (the trust fund was raided years ago, it's gone), or 'Where did this Austerity strategy come from?' (it's not a strategy, Greece, Italy, and Cyprus aren't choosing to be broke, they are broke)


Coming soon to a sporting event near you, TSA gropepoints

You can be sure that there is legislation ready to expand the TSA.

Whether this event was deliberate or not is still an open question. You will be able to tell from the narrative. If they don't have a tidy story with all perpetrators dead or in no-press-access custody in a few days it was probably a 'real' 'terrorist' act.

Regardless they will try to rush through some expansion of the police state, and a complicit media will whip up the populace into a cringing fearful froth to 'demand' something must be done.

If it is a real event no one will connect the 'moral' outrage with the events like when 'we' blew 120 Afghans attending a wedding to bloody pieces. Oops. Our bad. But why the hate? You guys should be used to it by now.

So while it might be thought by some that there would be some actual motivation for a bombing in Boston, we must always remember it has nothing to do with their dead at our hands, the real reason is of course they hate us for our freedom.

(EDIT: I should add another likely scapegoat is teabaggers or other 'people who take the Constitution literally' types as per the SPLC)


Obama to Agencies: Make sequester as painful as possible

As usual, the only think it's POSSIBLE to cut is police, fire, white house tours, and aid to babies and kittens

This despite the fact that there are in fact no cuts at all. Spending still goes up. Debt still goes up.

If we went back to Clinton era spending on the welfare/warfare state we could balance the budget. If we just did 1% real cuts per year, we could balance the budget in a few years.

Were things really so awful under Clinton?

Washington Tax & Spend Republican wants to tax bicycles

They cause global warming

"A cyclists [sic] has an increased heart rate and respiration. That means that the act of riding a bike results in greater emissions of carbon dioxide from the rider. Since CO2 is deemed to be a greenhouse gas and a pollutant, bicyclists are actually polluting when they ride" - Ed Orcutt (R)

Lest anyone be confused that the answer to democratic idiocy is republicans.

Everyone knows it's all a lie I assume

There are no spending cuts with sequestration.

Spending goes up. Debt goes up. Government's planned raise they give to themselves every year wasn't as big as they wanted. That is all. Nothing is solved. Actual cuts would be needed to prevent economic calamity. Large ones. There are no cuts. To make sure programs like medicare and SS do get their increases some other individual programs will get budget cuts. Overall, spending goes up.